Harper Engineering offers unique capabilities, from concept through certification, to provide solutions to our customers' challenges.

We specialize in assisting the customer with innovative designs.


Creative and experienced engineering team. Solidworks suite of CAD tools. 



Extensive in-house experience in linear and non-linear finite element analysis (FEA). Strong partner relationships with composite analysis experts.


In-house 3D printing and a state of the art machine shop allow quick turnaround prototyping enhancing product development.


Complete certification testing and execution experience: including creating the test plan, designing and building test fixturing, and conducting tests to certify the products to the customer's requirements.



State-of-the-art machining cells provide capability to efficiently machine and fabricate all materials utilized in our designs.

Assembly processes utilize LEAN Six-Sigma principles for maximum efficiency resulting in on-time delivery and reduced waste.


In-house state of the art machine shop and 3D printing capability utilized for rapid turnaround prototyping.



Skilled machinists and manufacturing engineers, combined with state of the art equipment, allows more control of end product and schedule execution.


All assembly is performed in-house and utilizing LEAN principles to maximize efficiency, lower costs, and manage emergent customer requirements that are prevalent in aerospace. 


Our machine shop utilizes statistical process control to reduce variation and increase first pass acceptance.



Culture of Innovation

At Harper, we have significant experience with composites; we've been supplying customers with lightweight carbon-composite torque tube covers and other products for over 10 years. Significant weight and cost savings were seen over the evolution of the metal cover to the thermoplastic composite cover. The success of the product line was built on the creativity of our engineers and execution of our production team.

Our engineers continue to drive innovation in composites. We've recently opened a state-of-the-art composite production facility. The facility houses our new 200-ton, 60" x 24" working area thermoforming press with a rapid  shuttle oven system. The new fiber-reinforced thermoplastic laminates have reduced cost and processing time as well as increased part durability.


New Facility and Materials

Our new facility, completed in 2015, is 100% dedicated to our composite production line. With our new process in place, we can provide the following benefits:

  • Lighter and more durable parts through a thermoplastic design that reduces material needs

  • Our proprietary silicone bonding process provides a more polished and practical finished product

  • Significant reduction in production time per-part

  • In-house tooling and 3D printed prototypes reduce lead time on new designs



Harper Engineering is committed to exceeding customer requirements by designing products for customer value, consistently manufacturing to design, shipping on-time and continuously improving our Quality Management System.


Quality Policy - Make it Right, Make it On Time, Make it Better

Make it Right

Our team strives to provide a product that meets and exceeds the customer expectations. With a 99.9% overall Customer Quality Acceptance, we are able to "Make it Right".


Make it On Time

Harper excels at meeting our customer's delivery requirements. With a 99.9% overall Customer On Time Delivery and 100% On Time Delivery with Boeing, we continually "Make it On Time".

Make it Better

Harper works to continuously improve and consistently advance our products and processes. We are always looking for ways to "Make it Better".



On-time delivery consistently exceeds 99.9% for all customers.
Quality consistently exceeds 99.9% for all customers.

Improved Inspection

Vision System Measurement

The addition of a new digital comparator has improved our ability to accurately measure smaller features on smaller parts helping us improve tolerances and part performance. 

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Adding a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has improved our ability to measure complicated components and assemblies, accurately and consistently, saving more inspection/labor time.


AS9100 / ISO9001 certified

FAA - Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA)

FAA Part 145 Repair Station

AS 9100 Certified

QAP 3410 Supplier Quality Systems Requirements