What We Do Best

At Harper we solve problems in the aerospace industry. Private ownership and the capabilities of our dynamic team help us go from client problems to manufactured solutions totally in-house.

Company History


Our history is rooted in innovation

Mr. OJ Harper (Harp) founded the Harper Engineering Company out of a desire to find innovative solutions to technical challenges he observed in aircraft interiors while working for The Boeing Company. After attending college at the University of Washington, Harp had a distinguished career with The Boeing Company until he retired in 1967. Upon retirement, Harp’s next ambition was to create what is now the Harper Engineering Company.

From humble beginnings, Harper Engineering is now considered one of the premier producers of mechanically engineered devices for aircraft interiors. Today our aircraft-certified products include stowage bin latches, ceiling latches, door locks, oxygen bottle brackets and seat track fittings. We have also expanded into polymer composites where we produce certified products made from continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics.

Our dedicated leadership, innovative culture and vertical integration enable us to solve our customer’s needs by designing, testing, certifying and manufacturing products in extremely short timeframes. What ultimately differentiates Harper Engineering from our competitors is our dedication and focus on our customers’ needs.



10 years running more than 99.9% on time delivery and 99.9% Quality.

  • 2011 Boeing Supplier of the Year

  • Boeing Performance Excellence Award

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