What We Do Best

At Harper we solve problems in the aerospace industry. Private ownership and the capabilities of our dynamic team help us go from client problems to manufactured solutions totally in-house.

Company History

OJ Harper, the founder of Harper Engineering, began his career in the aviation industry at Boeing. After leaving Boeing, Mr. Harper continued to supply aircraft parts to Boeing through his next venture, OJ Harper Sales Company. OJ knew what his customers needed and he supplied it. With a staff of 5 salesmen on the road and 4 folks supporting the office, OJ Sales created a product line of aircraft interior parts that ranged from carpet to fasteners and everything in between, including raw material, air valves and hydraulic equipment.

It was while attending a performance of “The Death of a Salesman” in New York City that Mr. Harper decided the life of a salesman was not for him and decided to found Harper Engineering. Back in 1967, one of the first products of Harper Engineering design was an idler pulley. Due to a shortage of the parts from their original supplier, Boeing was in a bind for their first delivery of the 747. But OJ and his team were able to design and qualify their pulley in time to meet Boeing’s timeline and avoid any costly delays. Since then, it has been Harper Engineering’s goal to provide our customers with the best designed solution to their needs at the best possible value.



10 years running more than 99.9% on time delivery and 99.9% Quality.

  • 2011 Boeing Supplier of the Year

  • Boeing Performance Excellence Award

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