Stowbin Latch Covers

Harper spent 2 years working to improve our existing stowbin latch covers. We changed materials and improved the manufacturing process to create a more durable cover.


faster to produce

Saved time by press forming using integrally heated dies.

More durable

Durable materials and custom silicone baggage retention deliver a superior experience for the flier.

Finding innovative material solutions

Our engineers are always looking to identify just the right process and materials for the application. By changing raw materials, we decreased cost, improved lead time, and improved the structure and durability of our stowbin latch cover.

Totally new process

Thanks to the new manufacturing process, end to end production time for one part has been cut down from 40 minutes to 10.

Listening to customers

We knew the customer wanted to speed up production times for their planes and sat down to work out how Harper could help them meet this goal.

In-house production

We keep production in-house as much as possible, so we handle everything from design, to machining tooling, to secondary assembly, to testing.

In-house expertise

We rely on experience and expertise in-house at Harper to ensure we deliver exactly what we've promised. We're excited to be joined by Terry Schneider, a perfect fit for the Harper model with 30+ years of industry experience in materials and processes.


Manufacturing the new design

Our new design uses press forming instead of compression molding for a more durable product. This change has simplified and sped up production.

Solving problems

We knew baggage retention has been a big issue with stowbin latch covers in the past, so we worked directly with the customer for a custom solution that fit the project context.

Silicone bonding process

Our new, proprietary process bonds silicone directly to the substrate of our stowbin latch cover, for seamless low-profile baggage retention.


Looking forward

Although we're thrilled with this new design, we're already starting to look out for further applications of the innovations we developed while designing our stowbin latch cover. 


This project used several of our capabilities. Learn more with the links below.

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