Ceiling Panel Latches

At Harper Engineering, we handle the risks when designing and creating a product like our new ceiling panel latches.


lower price

Improved materials and a new manufacturing process dramatically reduced the price.


Lighter materials and reduced part count yeild a lighter, but equally effective, latch.

Innovating product designs

To help reduce prices and weight, we worked to create a simpler mechanism that uses fewer rivets and greatly reduces complexity.

Reducing part count per unit

This simpler mechanism took the ceiling panel latches from a 4-part mechanism to a single unit.

Finding environmentally friendly solutions

By moving from metal parts to injection modeled reinforced plastic, we were able to remove chemical-based coatings from the manufacturing process to create a significantly greener ceiling latch.

Injection molding

Constantly looking to improve our manufacturing processes we're working right now to bring injection molding in-house to Harper. In-house production promotes communication and allows our engineers to be more hands-on during production. For the customer we can deliver shorter cycle times and better outcomes.

Finite element analysis

Our stress based program identifies and tests stressors to ensure our ceiling panel latches can stand up to the task.

Our stressor program

We analyze the product before we build it to save time and determine the best way to meet your needs.


Looking forward

Although our new ceiling panel latch is much better for the environment, in a given plane there are thousands of opportunities to make similar improvements in high volume parts. We look forward to decreasing weight and improving eco-friendly production processes throughout the industry.


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